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Riporto qui l’interessante Manifesto di un nuovo progetto editoriale nominato SHHT. Parlare e scrivere di manifesti è già cosa meritoria, oggigiorno. Attendiamo quindi il primo numero!

We want to give the voice to the “architecture untold”.

We want to unfold the hidden, to explore the unknown places. This is the fundamental core of our magazine. Until now, only the already notorious, the canonic, the monumental, and massive architecture have been echoed in words, drawings and papers.

We want to enhance creativity and diversity, we want to seek again in the Urban and challenge infra-urban environments, we want to portrait the contemporary society, we want to question proposed results and changes. The target is the “minor” architecture. Shht magazine looks at the built-world trying to find all those essential experiences that create the social fabric until now kept in silence.

We want to educate the reader’s eye to observe and interpret the city, to measure its values and failures, to picture its dark and bright sides. Those are essential skills to be aware of the places we live, the places where we mature, the very places we transform every day.

We consider the past by looking at the present and projecting ourselves into the future. Only by doing so, we can renew the way of thinking about architecture and understand its unspoken meaning.

We want to focus about the situation across Europe by comparing different solutions to the richness of daily life. Shht! magazine aims at building a network for confrontation at European level , to promote and nourish a dialogue among readers/contributors and to orient our urban areas to the future.